23m Slate Double Folding Clothesline

The Double Folding Clothesline from TopDry features 10 hanging lines that allow for a total of 23m of hanging space holding up to 34kg of washing at a time. With its large size and the frame measuring at 224 x 121 x 36cm (when in use) it is perfect to place in smaller areas. It also features dual locking hinges for adjustable heights as well as hanging points for clothes hangers. The Double Clotheslines feature two frames (inner and outer frame) to enable you to hang items at different lengths, perfect for combining bed sheets with regular clothes.


  • 15 year warranty*
  • Total hang space: 23m
  • Total line load capacity: 34kg
  • Loads of washing: 2
  • *Frame only. 1 year warranty applies to the line

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  • Model Name
    TopDry 23m Slate Double Folding Clothesline 04663
  • Model Number
  • Material
    Metal and Plastic
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  • Weight