21m Slate Single Folding Clothesline

The Single Folding Clothesline from TopDry features 10 hanging lines that allow for a total of 21m of hanging space holding up to 31kg of washing at a time. With its large size and the frame measuring at 224 x 116 x 36cm (when in use) it is perfect to place in smaller areas. It also features dual locking hinges for adjustable heights as well as hanging points for clothes hangers.


  • 15 year warranty*
  • Total hang space: 21m
  • Total line load capacity: 31
  • Loads of washing: 1.5
  • *Frame only. 1 year warranty applies to the line

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  • Model Name
    TopDry 21m Slate Single Folding Clothesline 04653
  • Model Number
  • Material
    Metal and Plastic
  • Colour
  • Weight