Choose the TopDry Clothesline that's right for you

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right TopDry clothesline for your backyard; where it will be located, how much space you have and what is your average washing load size. We’ll run you through the top of the line options from the TopDry range, which all boast stylish features, ergonomic design and a robust construction backed by a 15 year warranty.

Rotary Clotheslines

Remove it with ease and then transform your backyard into a cricket pitch, outdoor entertaining area or simply enjoy the view. Then simply pop your TopDry rotary clothesline back into the ground when you need it.

The TopDry rotary clotheslines assist with drying multiple loads of washing!  Easy to use, also features a coat hanger rack and is available in either a stylish graphite or evergreen colour.

Folding Clotheslines

If you live in an apartment or a townhouse that doesn’t have much outdoor space, you may find that a TopDry folding clothesline suits your needs. Any available wall space can be used to hold a wall-mount and then can be easily folded away when not in use. Even in homes with a big backyard, you could hide one on the back of a garden shed or down a side path.

Retractable Clotheslines

If space is at a premium or you don’t want to clutter up your outdoors, then you may benefit from a TopDry retractable clothesline. Mounted to a unit on a wall or post, it takes up a very small amount of space when retracted but easily extends in no time at all to air out your laundry.

Portable Clotheslines

TopDry portable clotheslines are a great space saver that offer you the ultimate in portability. Ideal for use both inside or outside, it can then be easily stored away after use because they feature cleverly hinged legs.